Paris and Brussels


This vacation itinerary allows your group to experience two distinctly different European capital cities and their respective charms. Often referred to as “The City of Light,” Paris is an energetic, cosmopolitan capital city that somehow maintains a provincial ambience in some of its loveliest neighborhoods. It is the city of fashion, Napoleon’s tomb and 3rd century Roman baths. In Paris one can discover the Moulin Rouge, neighborhood cafes once frequented by some of the world’s best writers, incredible art collections – and food markets playing host to daily shoppers and local vendors selling everything from oysters to Camembert cheese.

As the capital of Belgium and the unofficial capital of the European Union, Brussels houses a remarkable mix of cultures. While the majority of its residents speak French, visitors to Brussels will also encounter many Flemish speakers. And – due to Brussels’ international presence, you’ll hear a lot of English spoken here as well. Its terrific mix of cultures, rich heritage, excellent museums, green parks and exceptionally tasty food are just a few reasons to spend some time enjoying Brussels. As part of this itinerary, the group will also experience the Flemish Region of Belgium with day trips to Ghent & Bruges.

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